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Windows 7

Posted in Microsoft, Random Links, UI, Windows 7 by amonteiro on September 23, 2008

If you are interested in windows 7 you should be reading Engineering Windows 7. Its a blog with detailed articles about the ideas, thoughts and challenges encountered while developing Windows 7 written by Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky, both very high up in Microsoft (click their links for wikipedia entries).

The first Windows 7 videos have also hit the web. They can be found here at Life Hacker.


Ultimate List of Quality Desktop Background Websites

Posted in Desktop Backgrounds, Random Links by amonteiro on February 23, 2007

Although this post is going to read like a spam post, it really isn’t (promise). The other day a friend of mine asked me to recommend a web site for desktop wallpapers. The only good one I knew of at the time was Mandolux. But after reading a recent post on digg I came across a lot more. This is that list…

From More Creative and Beautiful Wallpapers (click for full write up)

From Digg

For those of you that want backgrounds that look like they came with Windows, here is the official set that was considered to go into Windows Vista.

Is this list missing any other good websites? Leave a comment and I will add it.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to Make Historic Joint Appearance at the Fifth Annual ‘D: All Things Digital’ Conference

Posted in Apple, Microsoft, Random Links by amonteiro on February 23, 2007

“Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs and Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, the seminal figures in the development of the personal computer, will make a rare joint appearance at The Wall Street Journal’s “D: All Things Digital” conference this year. The two men will jointly discuss the history and future of the digital revolution in an unrehearsed, unscripted, onstage conversation on May 30 with D co-producers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.”

Yahoo Finance

This should be a very interesting discussion. Hopefully it hits YouTube for those of us who won’t be be there.

Humming Search Will Find the Name of the Song you Forgot

Posted in Music, Random Links by amonteiro on December 15, 2006

Humming SearchIf you can’t remember a song name but remember the tune here is something that might help out. Humming Search allows you to hum the tune of the song and it tries to guess the song name.

“Looking for the name of a song you’ve got stuck in your head? Web site Nayio’s Humming search records 15 seconds of you humming a song, then searches for a match. This kind of service isn’t altogether new, but this is the only web-based humming search I’ve seen (and it’s free). However, your mileage will likely vary.

For example, in my attempts to get a positive match on a tune, I started with a song, then tried the top result each time Humming search gave me a false positive – which led to this trail before I got a hit: The Weight (miss) -> Friday I’m in Love (miss) -> A Day in the Life (miss) -> Dream a Little Dream (hit!). Not great, but then again, maybe I’m just a terrible hummer (I think I can carry a tune!). The search requires you to install an ActiveX plugin, so Internet Explorer is the only browser it’d work on for me. If you give it a try, give us your results in the comments.”

– Via LifeHacker


Posted in Random Links, UI, websites by amonteiro on December 6, 2006

If you ever need to know where a zipcode is in the US, heres a little app that gives you a visual representation.

– Via Gadgetopia

Black Friday Deals

Posted in Cool stuff, Random Links by amonteiro on November 20, 2006

If you are the type of person who can’t wait to fight crowds for the greatest deals on Black Friday, this site will give you some direction.

” You can browse by store to see individual products or download PDF scans of the actual ads. The site also provides deal commentary, a search engine, a shopping list, listings of store hours, and message boards.”

– Via Life Hacker

–  Click here for the deals…

Ridiculous offices and other random links

Posted in Photography, Random Links, Video by amonteiro on November 16, 2006

I haven’t been blogging too much lately since most of my free time has gone into getting my htpc all set up. Its finally almost there. I promise pictures will come soon. But too keep you guys busy here are some random interesting links.

Update: There are some other very interesting dove films in the related film section on youtube.