Ajit Monteiro

How To Use Google Widgets On The Vista Sidebar

Posted in Gadget, Microsoft, Vista by amonteiro on February 7, 2007

Since Vista has only been out for only a couple of weeks, its Sidebar gallery is fairly limited. However using Amnesty Generator you can now add Google Widgets to your desktop. Although not all of Google’s Widgets work well, you now have access to most web widgets created in its library. Besides its really easy…

1. Download and install the Amnesty Generator.

2. Open your favorite web browser and goto http://www.google.com/ig/directory?synd=open.

3. After picking a widget and configuring it. Click “Add to Webpage”.

4. Then click “Get the Code”

5. Copy and Paste the code into the Amnesty Generator window like below.

Amnesty Generator

6. Click “Generate…” and it will add the Widget/Gadget to your Sidebar Gadgets List.

Below is an example of the Google Maps Gadget used on my desktop

Google Maps Widget on Desktop


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