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Humming Search Will Find the Name of the Song you Forgot

Posted in Music, Random Links by amonteiro on December 15, 2006

Humming SearchIf you can’t remember a song name but remember the tune here is something that might help out. Humming Search allows you to hum the tune of the song and it tries to guess the song name.

“Looking for the name of a song you’ve got stuck in your head? Web site Nayio’s Humming search records 15 seconds of you humming a song, then searches for a match. This kind of service isn’t altogether new, but this is the only web-based humming search I’ve seen (and it’s free). However, your mileage will likely vary.

For example, in my attempts to get a positive match on a tune, I started with a song, then tried the top result each time Humming search gave me a false positive – which led to this trail before I got a hit: The Weight (miss) -> Friday I’m in Love (miss) -> A Day in the Life (miss) -> Dream a Little Dream (hit!). Not great, but then again, maybe I’m just a terrible hummer (I think I can carry a tune!). The search requires you to install an ActiveX plugin, so Internet Explorer is the only browser it’d work on for me. If you give it a try, give us your results in the comments.”

– Via LifeHacker


Microsoft Spoof of Apple Ads

Posted in Apple, Humor, iPod, Microsoft, Video, Zune by amonteiro on December 14, 2006

A recent Micorost meeting in Seattle featured this spoof of the Apple ad campaign.

After watching it, its worth checking out what the apple fans reaction has been.

Netflix Users Get Free Rentals at Blockbuster

Posted in Blockbuster, Movies, Netflix by amonteiro on December 6, 2006

If you are a Netflix user you can get free rentals at Blockbuster from December 5th to December 21st.

“Whether you use them as coupons or fridge art, you might want to hang on to those red Netflix envelope flaps. Blockbuster is offering free movie rentals for every Netflix envelope flap brought into participating stores December 5 through 21. In order to qualify, however, Netflix subscribers must also have a Blockbuster store membership. The membership is free and can be applied for at the store. The tear-off Netflix flap, which has the subscriber’s name and address on it, and is normally thrown away, will be used as proof of Netflix membership and must match the name on the Blockbuster card. Renters are eligible to receive a free movie rental for every flap they bring into the store, but they will be subject to Blockbuster’s typical due dates and rental fees.

The Blockbuster promotion is an obvious attempt to build a database of potential subscribers to its online service. The service, called Blockbuster Total Access, is similar to Netflix in that it has no due dates, but it gives members the option of exchanging DVDs at one of its retail stores in addition to by mail. Concurrent with the Netflix promotion, Blockbuster is also offering free two-week trial memberships to Blockbuster Total Access. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Netflix launched limited-edition versions of its envelopes on Thursday as part of a promotion to support The Film Foundation, Martin Scorsese’s nonprofit organization. The envelopes are set to feature artwork from famous celebrities and will be used throughout the holiday season.”

– Via News.com

Firefox: Display All Saved Passwords

Posted in Browsers, Firefox, Security by amonteiro on December 6, 2006

Looking through the menus of Firefox I noticed a huge security risk.

1. Go to Tools -> Options 

2. Click the Security Tab

3. Click Show Passwords to view all the sites and usernames

4. Click Show Passwords again and all your passwords are listed 

Of course if you forget your username and password for a website this is an easy way of recovering them, but any random person using your computer has direct access to all your passwords.

The solution is to set a master password

1. Go to Tools -> Options 

2. Click the Security Tab

3. Check Use a Master Password

4. Click Change Master Password to set your password

 Now to access your password list you will be prompted for your master password. I am quite surprised that a browser that has gained such a huge following, due to it having better security than internet explorer, displays user passwords in such an unrestricted way.


Posted in Random Links, UI, websites by amonteiro on December 6, 2006

If you ever need to know where a zipcode is in the US, heres a little app that gives you a visual representation.

– Via Gadgetopia