Ajit Monteiro

Vista finally installed (The system performance rating)

Posted in Microsoft, Vista, Windows Media Center by amonteiro on November 21, 2006

Finally got Vista installed using the x86 version.

Actually the final install took less than an hour, since I could leave my motherboard’s caching and shadowing on.

MCE looks really pretty on it, although vistas system performance rating, rated my system as only a 2.0. This was because I have only 512MB of RAM and a far from stellar video card. The detailed rating was as follows…

Category HTPC Specs Rating Comments
Processor AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 4.1  
Memory 512MB RAM 2.9 No surprise here.
Graphics GeForce 5200 128MB 2.0 No surprise here either, but this puts me in the no aero category.
Gaming graphics GeForce 5200 128MB 2.5  
Primary hard disk 40GB 5.0 The primary HD is only 40GB but the rest of the system totals 850G

It doesn’t average the scores but rather takes the lowest common denominator which is a 2.0. MCE does crash on me sometimes when i’m doing multiple things at once, like watching a DVD and browsing music album cover art, which is of-course unacceptable for an HTPC (I guess I wil be shopping for RAM and a new video card this black Friday after-all).


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