Ajit Monteiro

Vista Released!

Posted in Microsoft, Vista, Windows Media Center by amonteiro on November 17, 2006

Ofcourse, only if you are an MSDN subscriber, but that means that Microsoft will meet their release dates, and I will be able to upgrade to Vista MCE .

On another note, I just got back from Best Buy since I needed a DVD-R to write Vista on, and it seems the PlayStation 3 is coming out tonight at midnight. There were a lot of people in line outside the store. I must be getting old if I kept my eye on an Operating Systems launch date, but not a next generation console.

Update 11/17/06 3:21PM

After about 20 hours of downloading, I finally got it written on a DVD and started the install. The first time it booted up it showed a blue screen almost immediately. But for once the blue screen was informative enough for me to fix the problem.

10min later, after I turned off shadowing and caching in my bios there was no blue screen and the install started. Its going really slow though, but i think thats because its reading everything off the dvd and not my harddrive yet. More updates to come soon…(hopefully)

Update 11/19/06 7:46PM

No news is not always good news, the install went smoothly but somewhere in the middle of the first boot up (and every subsequent one) it reboots. If I try booting using safe mode it seems to reboot right after trying to load “crcdisk.sys”. Googling it seems to find a lot of people having a similar problem, but the solution is not that straightforward.

I did try to do all this using the x64 version since my desktops processor is a AMD Athlon 3000+. I might try to install using the x86 version sometime this week.


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